Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pluto starter image for 2013

Only a day  and four hours after the full moon made a near miss of occultation for me in NC, I got a low quality shot of Pluto.  Occultation was 20130721-1917EDT - 20130722-2301EDT time of shot.  I had very poor transparency and as such set out to make some darks, do some PEC training and find a good fitting with all my gear under the stars.  I snuck some shots of some objects including a blind shot at Pluto via a solid precise goto.  Here in the close up animation you'll see iffy collimation and poor focus, but the fact that it was only 3x60s in luminosity shows the capabilities of this setup quite well!  The animation shows an overlaid chart from skycharts/CdC and then a highlighted red circle.

Here's the full view

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