Friday, June 5, 2015

Speaking of spring clouds and rain, here's 3 planets in one night to make up for it all!

Be sure to get to the bottom of this for something unique that I've never done before!

Weak spring astronomy weather, shoot three planets to make up for it.   YES!

I shot Venus, then Jupiter and finally Saturn.  I'll lead off with Jupiter since it's not as big as it used to be and well past peak.

Sporting a view of the little red spot, this is probably my last view for the year.  Although.... it's proximity to Venus might allow me a few more tries if the weather clears back up.

Rest of this spotty season here -

Previous Jupiter seasons here -

Next up is a pretty nice looking Saturn.  At a low altitude of 37° altitude, this will be hard to beat this year.  The rings have opened up to 24° since being edge on in 2009

The rest of 2015 is here -

You can view all years of my own photos of Saturn here -

Finally and oddly the first photo of the night is Venus.  This image is in false color, comprised of Infra-red as Red, UltraViolet as Blue and Green is a 50%/50% blend of those two.  I used the UV as a lum al-la this technique (

All my previous Venus' -

Now to reward you for all your hard reading!  In the past I've shot Venus over a short time period but have not really gotten a chance to show the winds move the clouds.  Here's a short, two frame animation showing the cloud movement over just a few 10's of minutes.

Thanks and clear skies!

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