Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A very **UNFAIR** comparison of CCD to DSLR!

This is a very **UNFAIR** comparison of CCD to DSLR!  It's unfair because of the following.


  1. Taken on different nights
  2. Guiding methods - 50mm finder guiding on DSLR and OAG for CCD
  3. Coma corrector on CCD, NOT used on DSLR
  4. 2x2 binning on the CCD, native iso6400 on DSLR


  1. Same telescope, +Akule my custom 35.6cm f/4.5 Newt
  2. Similar processing routine

Also of note, the image scales are quite different and were somewhat difficult to line up.  I got 'close enough' and stopped getting precise alignment.  I don't think this a valid or fair comparison but a nice contrast to both style of cameras.

Here's a three frame animation comparing.

1) RGB via the DSLR only
2) Lum via the CCD and no filters at all
3) A standard LRGB combination of the filterless CCD as lum and the one-shot color as RGB.

Here's the DSLR ONLY

Here's the filter-less CCD 'lum' shot only

Finally the LRGB combination

Perhaps it not even a comparison at all, but the lack of clear skies and poor planning had me running over the same objects within a week's span or so and having used different cameras got me hankering for a comparison even it wasn't like for like

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment or critizice!!

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