Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturn's Encaldus Transit in poor seeing 2008-04-25

It has been a poor winter and early spring for Astronomy, so I've been trying to take what I can get. Fighting poor (1/5) transparency and hazy clouds, I think I managed to eek out a portion of the Enceladus transit.

First is a simulation from Cartes du Ceil. (Click on for 2frame animation of what I think I've captured).

Next a still view of both times from the animation.

Thirdly, a composite of moons including Mimas (look closely near upper left of rings.

With labels of what I think i see (please post a response to let me know what you see)

My Flash Animation.

Happy hunting!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Having fun with some bad seeing on Saturn

Trying to make the best out of some bad weather here. I played around with a lousy Saturn capture and uploaded the raw video to YouTube:

And Posted my processed image on my Picasa Photo page:

and I'm tying it all together with my blog! A bit of a front end portal to my.... well... hobby.


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