Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NGC 7810 & Crew with Asteroid ...

Back on 2012/11/10:

I was really just looking to test out the camera and off-axis guider.  The skies were clear, but I needed to dodge the trees and found this on the fly.  Turns out there was an asteroid that +Mike Rector helped me find as 771/Libera.

I put the image down for a while as I didn't get the time for fundamentals like calibration files and a good processing routine down.

Turns out there are more hidden gems in this image.

According to WikiSky and some of the UCAC3 catalogs in SkyCharts/CdC, some of the dimmer but still recognizable stars are mag 17.5 or dimmer or beyond.  I count at least 10 by quick count and according the CdC there are the following in this FOV:

Here's the full resoluion version to look at - http://www.astrobin.com/full/33398/B/?real=&mod=

This is the CdC chart with NGC and PGC catalogs

Click for larger version

or link to Interactive WikiSky chart:

Here's a full list of what may be visible in this photo:
Catalog RA DEC Type Name Magn.
PGC 00h02m11.03s +13°10'21.4" Gx 97 m: PGC:97
PGC 00h02m54.28s +13°01'13.6" Gx 215029 m: PGC:215029
PGC 00h01m55.54s +13°14'13.6" Gx 78 m: PGC:78
SAC 00h02m59.47s +13°02'30.6" Gx NGC 7810 m:13.00
SAC 00h01m59.46s +13°11'30.6" Gx NGC 7803 m:13.10
00h03m38.38s +13°14'06.2" As (771) Libera m: 13.5
NGC 00h03m05.48s +13°01'30.5" Gx NGC7810 m:14.00 sbr:13.74
NGC 00h02m05.46s +13°10'30.6" Gx NGC7803 m:14.00 sbr:13.74
PGC 00h02m01.41s +13°11'11.2" Gx NGC7803 m:14.08 PGC:101
PGC 00h03m00.65s +13°02'48.2" Gx NGC7810 m:14.28 PGC:163
PGC 00h02m07.35s +13°11'17.8" Gx 108 m:15.30 PGC:108
PGC 00h01m54.86s +13°13'09.2" Gx 89 m:15.90 PGC:89
PGC 00h02m26.69s +13°10'31.3" Gx 134 m:16.08 PGC:134
PGC 00h01m56.48s +13°11'17.1" Gx 92 m:16.78 PGC:92
PGC 00h02m33.83s +13°19'15.6" Gx 1426263 m:16.86 PGC:1426263
PGC 00h02m45.45s +12°57'59.2" Gx 73211 m:17.30 PGC:73211
PGC 00h03m06.31s +13°18'51.2" Gx 1426100 m:17.66 PGC:1426100
PGC 00h02m59.39s +13°09'29.7" Gx 1422500 m:17.76 PGC:1422500
PGC 00h01m19.61s +13°22'49.7" Gx 1427699 m:17.77 PGC:1427699
PGC 00h03m33.75s +13°10'16.1" Gx 1422807 m:17.84 PGC:1422807
PGC 00h01m50.32s +13°15'38.9" Gx 1424891 m:17.90 PGC:1424891
PGC 00h02m57.77s +12°59'35.1" Gx 215030 m:17.90 PGC:215030
PGC 00h01m32.42s +13°16'57.4" Gx 1425381 m:18.04 PGC:1425381
PGC 00h03m08.86s +13°13'17.6" Gx 1423969 m:18.18 PGC:1423969
PGC 00h01m49.45s +12°54'34.2" Gx 1417100 m:18.40 PGC:1417100

What's truly amazing is HOW many fine details are hidden in a 'quick' 30 minute exposure of a simple, boring area of the sky.

Trying to dig deeper on some galactic stats I found this site:

Here the larger and brighter (closer?) galaxy, NGC7803 is estimated at 250 MILLION light-years distant.  Some of the other's I cannot find stats for.  Does this mean they are not measured???

Thanks for reading to the bottom, bonus candy for you!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally a respectable M81/M82

I had to try my budding DSLR skills again.  I had to, the moon was new, the weather is cold with low humidity and the seeing poor (aka no planets).

I fought the typical equipment issues and unforeseen weather, the weather didn't kill me too bad, just a bit.  Clouds came out of no where for 30min then went away.

I learned some things, such as how to tie a knot in your power connectors:


The UPS didn't protect the USB connectors from loosing sync, so I had to realign and then later I unplugged the focuser as the focus was soft, and ooops, that was the mount again not the focuser, so I gave up.

Sigh.  I'm learning that ISO1600 is less noisy but good signal over the 6400 I was using before.  Mixing ISO's isn't very good, I won't do that again.

Guiding could be better, but I was good for subs up to 5min.

I know I can do even better now that I have some good experience under my belt.  I also have the AC-adapter for the camera now too, so I can go hog-wild!!

Full res is here:

Previous work with the 6" and NO experience here:
I think I may have to sell the 6"!!!

Thanks for looking and reading!

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