Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally a respectable M81/M82

I had to try my budding DSLR skills again.  I had to, the moon was new, the weather is cold with low humidity and the seeing poor (aka no planets).

I fought the typical equipment issues and unforeseen weather, the weather didn't kill me too bad, just a bit.  Clouds came out of no where for 30min then went away.

I learned some things, such as how to tie a knot in your power connectors:


The UPS didn't protect the USB connectors from loosing sync, so I had to realign and then later I unplugged the focuser as the focus was soft, and ooops, that was the mount again not the focuser, so I gave up.

Sigh.  I'm learning that ISO1600 is less noisy but good signal over the 6400 I was using before.  Mixing ISO's isn't very good, I won't do that again.

Guiding could be better, but I was good for subs up to 5min.

I know I can do even better now that I have some good experience under my belt.  I also have the AC-adapter for the camera now too, so I can go hog-wild!!

Full res is here:

Previous work with the 6" and NO experience here:
I think I may have to sell the 6"!!!

Thanks for looking and reading!

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