Friday, April 18, 2014

8" Mars quickie

My 1st since Early April. Here I live near too many trees that kick off pollen. Here's my scope in 2012

Anyway, I learned my lesson well, it's sticky, thick and doesn't clean up off the corrector easily so I decided to take my time with the 14" newt and clean and grease the mount gears, center the focuser and scrub the primary during this endless season. I couldn't resist last night and took out the C8 for only the 3rd time in almost a year. I didn't touch the collimation and only wanted to observe Mars visually. As breezy at it was and as poor as the forecast was I was impressed at how much I could see at 500x with a 4mm eyepice. I slipped in the 2.5x PowerMate and color DBK21AU618.AS camera and shot a pair of shots. It's not what I'm used to using the 14" so much but it was fun tossing about running on battery power!
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