Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Solar System in Review

I can sit and complain about clouds being so bad this year all I want, but the fact of the matter is 2014 was a great year and I'm blessed to spend it with my friends and family!

Spanning from January 4th to December 30th (Never give up!), all photos are mine, including the Earth and all taken within the calendar year of 2014.

While last year was the year of the comet with 4, this was the year of the asteroid for me with over 12.  I say over 12 because as I learned to hunt these tiny and faint things amidst the stars I found some images of poor quality and sometimes iffy results.

Here's the high resolution version on imgur as google shrinks it.

Here's the high res version with labels on imgur

Sun - 20141021

Sunspot map from the same day:

My other solar photos here

Earth via my amateur nature collection


Lunar Eclipse - 20141008

Lunar Eclipse 2014

Mars - 20140327

This image was featured on the Spaceweather!
Mars 2013-2014

Asteroids and minor planets

This year was the year of the asteroid as I got my MPC site designation by observing 3 asteroids in one field of view over 3 nights!

My work in progress table
Jupiter - 20140104

This image was Published in Sky & Telescope April 2014
Jupiter 2013
Saturn - 20140508
Saturn 2014
Uranus - 20141112

I also made a moon animation!
Solar System - Uranus - All years
Neptune - 20140827

Neptune All Years

MISSING from 2014 are:

Astronomy / Solar System / Venus / All years


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