Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Mars via f/55 in my 8" avg seeing

I took 2min @ RGB every 15 min from 2300 to 0115 to make an animation of the rotation, but I think some of the frames are not very good when the seeing dipped to 4/10. This single capture might be near 6/10 but not by much. Capture details in the image.

Stay warm and don't be afraid of avg seeing in such a cold spell up here in the N. Hemi, Mars isn't going to get too much bigger!!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Recent Deep-Sky Astronomy work

4 nights in December, most of which had bad seeing.  2 of them, I started with the CGE aligned and the white, 6" Schmidt-Newt on top and changed it out at midnight or later, in freezing temps (20*F) for the Orange 8" SCT.  Phew.  It wasn't very fruitful, but felt good to be able to field switch as the single armed fork C8i mount was still in the shop.

Ok, here's the totals:

4 nights
6 hr and 29 minutes of *Stacked* images represented here.  Some were thrown away and or not processed yet!
I also got my dad some time on M31 with his Canon 50d at ISO 3200  :)  - too bad the tracking wasn't better for ya dad!




Horsehead and Flame Nebulae - at a whopping 3.2 hours of stacked data!  I'd like to add more to reduce the noise!  Any tricks?!  Lots of varied subs, but perhaps too long or too high an ISO?

I like it and it's perhaps my longest yet...

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