Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jupiter in an 8" with Good Seeing

3 nights in a row of great seeing in early August.

My setup:

I use a Celestron C8i SE (orange tube) along with:

Ubuntu 8.04 Linux and custom coriander
DMK 21AF04
2.5x PowerMate
Astronomik LRGB filters
True Tek Color Filter Wheel with visu diag

some shots here:

Simple explanation of my v7 Processing routine:

1) Captured data saved as .fit in coriander
2) Sorted & cropped in ninox
3) Drag & Drop into Registax
4) No align, no reference, no optimize just stack and wavelet, save as .tif
5) Load each channel into Iris, adjust visu levels and set mono, adjust wavelets (slight)
6) Iris LRGB (trichro) function to assemble as RGB
7) Iris' unsharp mask
8) Iris resize and or final visu levels - save as .bmp for sending to gimp (anyone know any gimp/iris compatible formats, let me know!) and .jpg for web


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Saturday, September 20, 2008

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