Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A refreshed Little Dumbbell - M76

I had previously shot this target on the same telescope ( +Akule  ) last year but used a DSLR.

Here's my more recent effort with a CCD.
Astrobin has the full 1:1 resolution

The full 1:1, HD (1920x1080) resolution for your desktop wallpaper 

Now for the somewhat unfair side by side CCD vs DSLR
The DSLR, a Canon 7D is on the left from last year.  The new SBIG STF-8300M is on the right.
What is really unfair is that the integration times are MUCH different.
Still to me, there is a HUGE difference and I wouldn't want to use a DSLR as my main camera for this type of work.

The most fun was that I was inside playing games while the image was taken using Sequence Generator Pro and monitored via teamviewer.  The clouds started to pass but the guiding held up so I kept going!

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