Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time lapse Europa transit

This is an 11 frame sequence where each frame, of red only, consists of 10sec or 400 - 500 frame stack.  Each frame is taken back to back so, 11 frames x 10sec per frame = 110seconds or just shy of 2 minutes of rotation time.  Each of the 10 motion frames are displayed for 100ms or 0.1sec, the last one is held for 1second.  This means that 10frames x 0.1sec = 1second of time per 'spin'

So, long story short, in 1second you'll see nearly 2 minutes of Jupiter's rotation, that's over 100 times normal speed.

What's really interesting is how far the moon and shadow move in only 2 minutes.  This is taken with my Celestron C8, 2.5x PowerMate and PGR Flea3.  EFL ~  5080mm or f/25.  The stacking and processing was done at 2x up-scaled and the final rendering in Gimp gets rescaled back to 1.5x or 150% sized.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jupiter with Europa Transit near opposition

Seeing was good initially, poorer later, but I'm still sorting out the captures.

And another from later, where you can see Europa a bit better, as it's closer to the edge.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Deep sky work catchup #1

Be sure to click all thumbnails to see the larger view!

Super duper old one from 2009, but recently reprocessed and never posted

Old one from May


From the All nighter...



M24 - neat area near the galactic core with dark lanes


NGC 6755/6756

M71 - This one came out best, not sure why?!

Happened upon M2 and wasn't on my list!

Fall 2010

Crescent Nebula (This was a tough target, even at 2+ hr)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simple 30min M8 Lagoon Nebula

The whole of lower ecliptic is rarely above the trees in my primary observing location, so this was about it for a single night.  I really worked the processing with some tips from the fine folks at Cloudy Nights!

Click the thumbnail to see the full size

Check out the rest of the Messier 'Sprint' I'm working on while Akule is built!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nice view of Jupiter's GRS and Jr!

Don't forget to click the image for a larger view!  This is from night 3 of 4 and the seeing wasn't quite as good as the night before.  Still, always nice to catch the Great Red Spot.

And don't forget to look at the rest of this season here

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Megan and Dad's Catch!

We were relocating a lizard from our unfinished storage to the creek near the main road and found not only tadpoles, but also small fish (not caught) and CRAYFISH! I had no idea they were happily living in the creek in my back yard!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great view of the boring side of Jupiter

Seeing might have been best on night 2/4 last weekend.  Too bad it's the boring side, but I really could stare at this shot and let it soak in.

As always, the whole season is up here on my homepage!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Really old lunar photo but 1st flea3

Seeing wasn't so great, but at the time I was trying to experiment a bit and found a cool feature!  I'll have to revisit this when seeing is better!

3d Europa transit 20100828

Make sure you click image titles for a larger view.  They're fitted for the main page rss feed!

As Mitch Duke can attest to we've had some good seeing around here the past week. I attribute it much to a stalled high bounded by Hurricane Earl, which thankfully is only brushing our coast and not bashing it!

Anyway in a vain effort to compete with the world class images popping out of the wood work, I offer my humble 8" from night 1 of 4 ( a personal best).

I also grabbed some Uranus shots this night too, which I'm still assembling.

I will probably post the remainder of my work up on the new website: 

Be sure to try to trick your mind and or cross your eyes on this one as it WILL make the moon pop out in front of those shark tooth shapes in the sSEB.

                                              150% sized!

                                          Mono channels

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Uranus with 4 or 5 moons

You decide if I got elusive Miranda or not.  I found some Flea3 tips from Anthony Wesley that might help me net out a better set, including needed darks too!

Here's the mouse over version with NASA's JPL overlay.  It wasn't spot on aligned, so either I was off on the time or speed of light delay.

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