Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Old Linux Planetary Processing

In the midst of upgrading my blog and webpages - check here for the full and latest tutorials indices | 


Custom coriander - used for capture in Linux

Lucky Image Stacking

AutoStakkert!2 - for stacking in Linux under


AstraImage - for sharpening / deconvolution in Linux under wine
  •  I typically use Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution with the Exponential setting
  • Document covering all the various experiments I've tried (
WinJUPOS - derotation of planetary in Linux under wine


Topaz Labs DeNoise - Photoshop plugin used in Linux under wine

Image modification / Post Processing

Photoshop - used for processing in 16-bit when I feel the need - used in Linux under wine
  •  Auto Color
  • Topaz DeNoise
  • Saturation
  • High Pass filter
  • Contrast

GIMP - native Linux used for final assembly with info and labels or quick 8-bit processing
 Also be sure to add some of these cool GIMP Plugins:

Monday, December 18, 2017

Michael A. Phillips' 2017 Solar System Bests

All in all a pretty great year for the number and quality of planet photos I imaged.  Here in the northern hemisphere the prime planets of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are fairly low

Full size on Imgur -

With labels -

Here's to a great 2017 **FOR ASTRONOMY** and a great 2018.

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