Thursday, October 25, 2012

New animation method

So I figured out a nice way to script the animation!  I touched this  set of 14 rgb captures VERY minimally during the day today.  From this AM, processed automatically and gtk-recordmydesktop using a sikuli script to move the static tiff images at a set pattern of slow and faster loops.  w00ts!

Today was day 4 in a row and the best seeing of the season, for certain I have a LARGE backlog of data to test against the new scripts.

Something very strange that I noticed while capturing was Europa was unseen and nearly invisible, despite the good conditions. Then over the course of the session it became bright, contrasty and very prominent!

Here's the 'final' image

Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Dumbbell

Bad, NOISE and lack of darks killed this images.  A few good things... OAG works flawlessly with some PHD tweaks **AND** stars are clear down past 17th magnitude.  Next stop, Eris, yes the  status killer!  Thanks  

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