Monday, July 15, 2013

1st North American Nebula (Hydrogen Alpha) - 2nd light in SBIG

I had intended to setup for my 1st +Virtual Star Party in over a month or two, but the weather had other designs.  I did manage to solve 2 big hurdles this night.  First, I got the SBIG CCD closer to the Coma Corrector with some shorter spacers which got rid of the comet shaped stars from the 1st light of the camera.  Second I got the OAG and guide cam focused and found some guide stars in the hazy clouds that kept all but magnitude 2 stars visible by eye.  I setup and took images not expecting much, but after 6x300s of Ha I found something I've never seen before in all my attempts with various scopes and cameras!!!

Annotated image

Yay!  Not too shabby for no darks, flats or any other calibs.  Merely 30min on a rather large nebula that has always eluded me!

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