Monday, August 19, 2013

Pluto 2013

If you didn't know it has been a terrible season for astronomy in the mid Atlantic USA.  I purchased a new CCD, but that had nothing to do with the bad weather!  Despite the weather, I managed to catch Pluto 3x times.  Overlayed on this animation you can see the movement from July 22 to July 26.  The middle and last frames is from the 25th and 26th respectively and only 24 hours of movement.  I cannot say for certain but I think if you imaged Pluto over an hour or two you could see movement against the background stars.  I hope you enjoy this animation and I only wished the weather allowed me to share with the +Virtual Star Party

Individual nights capture details are as follows.

Night 1 (top position is from July 22:
 3 x 60sec = 3min

Night 2 (middle position is from July 25:
 10 x 60sec = 10min

Night 3 (bottom position is from July 26:
 8 x 60sec = 8min
 6 x 120sec = 10min
20min total

And the rest of my Pluto captures from all years.

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