Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back at the clearing of the summer back log - day 7

Yet another object I've already shot.  Here is M102, a small, edge on galaxy.  This time I decided a side by side comparison as it was taken with the same scope and different cameras.  The canon 7D is on the left and the SBIG STF-8300M on the right.  They were taken in different conditions and different nights.  Things that jump out at me are the image scale on the Canon is larger as it's 0.55''/pixel whereas the SBIG is 0.7''/pixel. Also, the Canon 7D is shot in bayered color mode and the SBIG being monochrome is only shot in clear / luminance channel. The other thing to note is that the integration time is quite shorter on the SBIG. You be the judge.  

Here's the recent work on M102

And the old shot

And the side by side

Not meant to be a real or honest comparison, just my happenstance results.

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