Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun with dancing Saturnian moons

Ful RES:

And animation!

And facebox labels!

Capture notes:
Seeing makes the rings quiver and nowhere as good as a few nights ago. I still have not touched the focus or collimation, but did capture Regulus in Red. My regular routine 1/15s per channel (still all channels full gain). Initially the fps were set wrong as I work the kinks out of this setup. That was not as bad as it sounds, I lost some frame per channel, but it was only 180s per channel. Fixed for the 2nd run at 300s per channel which is what I really like on Saturn especially with variable seeing. Seeing degraded towards the 3rd cap, despite more cooling between 2 and 3

ObserverMichael A. Phillips Mr.
Begin2009-05-30 um 21:00:00-05:00
End2009-05-30 um 22:21:00-05:00
Seeing3 (fair)
EyepiecePowerMate (V=812.8)
FilterAstronomik LRGB Color
Sitzung2009-05-30 um 21:00:00-05:00


Sessions: 2009-05-30 um 20:30:00-05:00

Begin:2009-05-30 um 20:30:00-05:00
End:2009-05-30 um 22:30:00-05:00
Weather:Seeing: 7/10 Transparency: 3/5 Forecast: Initially, 4/5 for both, but recently clouds crept in, which didn't appear at all in dusk. I hope the seeing holds!
Equipment:Ubuntu 9.04 Linux and custom coriander on Lenovo T61 (Cepheus) 8" Celestron C8i SCT Lymax Cat Cooler DMK 21AF04 2.5x PowerMate Astronomik LRGB filters True Tek Color Filter Wheel with visu diag
Comments:Bad drift even after a rough leveling of the tripod and auto-two star eq align. I didn't check the errors per axis, but I can't survive the drift without a reposotion of Saturn after 1 - 2 minutes, which is only annoying as I've yet to get scope control in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty jackalope in Kstars/Indi. Took a break from Saturn imaging ~2140 for re-cooling of scope... not sure it helped, but back imaging at 2202
>> Observations <<

Observer: Michael A. Phillips Mr.

>> Observations <<

Site: Home

Timezone:UT-300 min
>> Observations <<

Optics: C8i

Aperture:203.0 mm
Focal length:2032.0 mm
>> Observations <<

Eyepiece: PowerMate

Focal length:2.5 mm
>> Observations <<

Filter: Astronomik LRGB

>> Observations <<

CCD Camera: DMK21AF04

Vendor:The Image Source
Created: 06/03/2009 20:14:11

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