Tuesday, October 28, 2008

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy via piggyback

Observation logs

Object: M31

Galaxy in And
Alias: NGC224, Andromeda Galaxy

RA: 0h 42m 44s
Dec: 41° 16' 06"
Size:178.0′ × 178.0′
m(vis):4.5 mag
Origin:ObservationManager - Messier Catalog 1.0
ObserverMichael A. Phillips Mr.
Begin2008-10-26 um 20:20:00-05:00
End2008-10-26 um 23:30:00-05:00
Seeing4 (bad)
CameraCanon XTI
Sitzung2008-10-26 um 20:20:00-05:00
Visual impression

  • Good visual check on main core area. Also showed well in a single 4 min exposure.
  • Visual rating: Simple conspicuous object in the eyepiece


Sessions: 2008-10-26 um 20:20:00-05:00

Begin:2008-10-26 um 20:20:00-05:00
End:2008-10-26 um 23:30:00-05:00
Weather:Clear, good transparency and no moon. Seeing was below avg.
Equipment:Canon XTi with Tamron zoom lens piggybacked on the C8i, MaxDSLR on WinXP T43 driven via RDP from inside the house
Comments:1st attempt at full remote setup. I found a tracking was good after a 2 iter 2 star eq align: Az: 00' 21" Alt: 06' 03" Good for 4+ min piggybacked exposures! No network coverage in the garage forced me to setup a quick, ad-hoc x-over network between WinXP and Linux. Static addressing on both ends and FAST transfers! :P
>> Observations <<

Observer: Michael A. Phillips Mr.

>> Observations <<

Site: Home

Timezone:UT-300 min
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Optics: Tamron

Type:zoom SLR lens
Aperture:50.0 mm
Focal length:200.0 mm
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Lens: Zoom

Focal length factor:200.0 mm
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CCD Camera: Canon XTI


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