Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Solar System bests in review

What a great 2013!

Starting in the lower left, you find Earth.  A planet we all call home.  In the right conditions of day and night, often called dusk, if you look up you can experience the surrealism of our place in this universe.  On the cold and breezy night of March 13th, my dad and I took a quick trip to Lake Wheeler to find Comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS).  It was quite a site above the moon don't you agree +David Phillips 

The rest of the full sized, original albums are here:

Target highlights include:
All 8 major planets (including scenic Earth)
1 dwarf / former planet = PLUTO on 3 nights (see animation below)
3x Asteroids
4x Comets
10x moons (including our own, Luna)
2x artificial satellites
1 meteor
1 Sun (First full disk)
Plenty of stars and other faint fuzzies from my CCD upgrade (

Other Highlights:
Pluto animation of movement on 3 nights

Asteroid 1998 QE2 animation

This year I upgraded to a CCD from DSLR and have branched out fairly seriously into DSO imaging.  As a result I also figured out how to use a minor planet / comet detection software package, Astrometrica.  This should get me closer to the goal of discovering a new comet or asteroid.
At the least I should have plenty more asteroids next year, but this was the year of the comet with record 4 that I imaged in a single year.

This year is the sixth in a row (  Thanks to all who made 2013 a great year.  Tip of the hat to +Mike Salway for the great idea and inspiration.

Here's to the best for everyone in 2014! 

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