Monday, May 7, 2012

Venus' clouds!

Venus taken on February 26 from 2311 to 2347 UTC in UV.

I wouldn't have ever thought to look but Emil Kraaikamp had found rotations in the clouds of Venus in a short 30-60 min of time. I had some captures laying around from Feb 26 and may have found moment in the following animation of 3 frames: 2309, 2340, and 2346 UT. Look in the lower left hand portion near the 'pole' for a high contrast area that shows the progression of what I think to be a cloud. Venus has been a tough target this year due to weather, work and family but I'm excited for the upcoming transit of Venus over the Sun!

This is an Ir / sG / UV - false color composite:

Here's is the 3 frame animation:



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