Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pluto on three nigts in Sept 2009

I had to make a correction to the original finding based on 3 nights (Sept 12th, 21st and 29th, 2009. 

Here you'll see the positions of Pluto marked with small lines.  The animation will change the current position's line blue and then rotate back through.

I used...
Optics: Meade LXD55 6" Schmidt Newtonian OTA
Mount: CGE mount on JMI Wheely Bars
Camera: Canon XTi with Hutech LP Filter (LPS-P2-FF)
Focusing Aid: STI focuser
Shutter control: Hap Griffin long exposure cable
Software: MaximDL
Guiding: DMK21AF04 with a piggybacked 4" SkyWatcher via PHD and ASCOM drivers
Operating System: WinXP Lenovo T61
Pre-Processing: Iris per automated Jim Solomon's Cookbook
Post-Processing: Gimp

Animation made with Gimp.

I also found it interesting that Pluto at magnitude 14 is pretty bright (other stars are 15-16 or fainter).  Pluto is over 4.7 Billion Kilometers away or nearly 3 Billion Miles.

I wish I could find a way to balance the background across the varying nights conditions.  The last night I fought the tree tops!



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