Monday, July 20, 2009

Jupiter with 2x moon events & GRS 20090715

Jupiter with 2x moon events & GRS 20090715

This is some good work but not nearly as exciting as discovering an impact hole on Jupiter.

I took about 14 captures the morning of July 15 in some varied seeing. 

1st of the set (200% resize)

Best of the set (150% resize with RGB channels)


Full resolution (aka 150% resize) with Mike Salway-like fast rewind:

I also took more time than usual to do RGB realign on the disk / Ganymede separate than Callisto.  In an effort to 'automate' my v7 Planetary Processing routine I decided to get fancy and I think I will revise as v8 soon.  I did all these without Registax at all!  - BIG TIME SAVER!

Stay tuned for the new routine.



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