Monday, April 13, 2009

Leo Triplet before the clouds...

Observation logs


Object: M65

Galaxy in Leo
Alias: NGC3623

RA: 11h 18m 56s
Dec: 13° 05' 37"
Size:1.5′ × 8.0′
m(vis):10.5 mag
Origin:ObservationManager - Messier Catalog 1.0
ObserverMichael A. Phillips Mr.
Begin2009-04-12 um 20:08:25-05:00
End2009-04-12 um 20:18:25-05:00
Seeing3 (fair)
FilterHutech idas lps-p2-ff Light Pollution Filter Corrective
CameraCanon XTI
Sitzung2009-04-12 um 20:08:25-05:00
Visual impression

  • 7*4min @ 1600 + 16 cloudy ones Darks and old flats Visually with th C8i, I was only able to see M65 and M66 after the clouds moved in.
  • Visual rating: Viewable with direct vision


Sessions: 2009-04-12 um 20:08:25-05:00

Begin:2009-04-12 um 20:08:25-05:00
End:2009-04-12 um 23:30:00-05:00
Weather:S: ~6/10 Initially T=5/5 then haze and clouds moved in making it T: 1/5
Equipment:Optics: Meade LXD55 Mount: CGE mount on JMI Wheely Bars Camera: Canon XTi with Hutech LP Filter (LPS-P2-FF) Focusing Aid: STI focuser Shutter control: Hap Griffin long exposure cable Software: MaximDL Guiding: DMK21AF04 with a piggybacked 4" SkyWatcher via PHD and ASCOM drivers Operating System: WinXP Lenovo T43 driven via RDP from inside the house
Comments:Got 3-4 images under T=5/5 of Leo Triplet before trying to RDP in... and couldn't Then found that XP had crashed and rebooted Couldn't get camera to respond until reboot and or power cycle of XTi Start C8i @ 22:04:00 Then Trans goes to 1/5 :( Tracking on faint star is hit or miss... trying visual via the C8 as seeing on Saturn with no cooling was avg. Was able to see M66/M65 with 'nearly' direct vision, but not nearby 3 galaxy (NGCxxxx) Ceres visually? Maybe?! Definatley a mid-mag object near the Cartes Du Ceil coords MUCH further than the saved user sky location in the C8i
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Observer: Michael A. Phillips Mr.

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Site: Home

Timezone:UT-300 min
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Optics: LXD55

Aperture:152.0 mm
Focal length:762.0 mm
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Filter: Hutech idas lps-p2-ff Light Pollution Filter

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CCD Camera: Canon XTI


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