Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Titan Transit Teaser 20090224

Observation logs

I think there's a name for titles like that, but at 25*F and early in the AM my brain's not so straight.

Bad seeing too.. looked like the whole continental US had bad jetstream. I hope someone west of here got better as it was fairly low on the horizon here.

I forgot about the time delay in stellarium but that was OK as I overslept a bit anyway. Most of the frames are washed out by the trees but you can make out the shadow in the final 3 or so frames. I also caught Dione in a few frames riding the upper left ring, long before it's transit. So no quad transit, but I was able to get something and that still counts! Lucky me, the sky was clear.

Animation from 1018 to 1114UT:

Object: Saturn and Titan

Origin:ObservationManager - SolarSystem Catalog 1.0
ObserverMichael A. Phillips Mr.
Begin2009-02-24 um 04:00:00-05:00
End2009-02-24 um 04:10:00-05:00
OpticsC8i on CGE
EyepiecePowerMate (V=812.8)
FilterAstronomik LRGB Color
Sitzung2009-02-24 um 04:00:00-05:00
Visual impression

  • Titan transit!


Sessions: 2009-02-24 um 04:00:00-05:00

Begin:2009-02-24 um 04:00:00-05:00
End:2009-02-24 um 06:20:00-05:00
Weather:Poor seeing Great transparency FREEZING 25*F
Equipment:I used: Ubuntu 8.04 Linux and custom coriander CGE mounted 8" Celestron C8i SCT Lymax Cat Cooler DMK 21AF04 2.5x PowerMate Astronomik LRGB filters True Tek Color Filter Wheel with visu diag
Comments:Didn't leave the scope out overnight and it may have impacted some but little of the conditions. I miss timed the Titan Transit becuase of the time delay / light propogation issues with Stellarium. I fixed that now1
>> Observations <<

Observer: Michael A. Phillips Mr.

>> Observations <<

Site: Home

Timezone:UT-300 min
>> Observations <<

Optics: C8i on CGE

Aperture:203.0 mm
Focal length:2032.0 mm
>> Observations <<

Eyepiece: PowerMate

Focal length:2.5 mm
>> Observations <<

Filter: Astronomik LRGB

>> Observations <<

CCD Camera: DMK21AF04

Vendor:The Image Source

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