Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Uranus on 2008.11.01

Observation logs

Larger view

Object: Uranus

Origin:ObservationManager - SolarSystem Catalog 1.0
ObserverMichael A. Phillips Mr.
Begin2008-11-01 um 22:20:00-05:00
End2008-11-01 um 22:50:00-05:00
Seeing3 (fair)
Eyepiece15mm Celestron Plössl (V=135.47)
FilterAstronomik LRGB Color
Sitzung2008-11-01 um 22:20:00-05:00
Visual impression

  • Visually: extremely visible and decernable disk @ 15mm eyepiece and higher power Photographically: all @ f/10 - prime focus 1st Red cap had wrong settings! use 2nd Lum too for moons - 1/2 full g and g darks for lums


Sessions: 2008-11-01 um 20:29:00-05:00

Begin:2008-11-01 um 20:29:00-05:00
End:2008-11-01 um 22:51:00-05:00
Weather:Forecast was S and T, both 4/5 Actual 5/10 and 5/5
Equipment:I used: Ubuntu 8.04 Linux and custom coriander 8" Celestron C8i SCT Lymax Cat Cooler DMK 21AF04 2.5x PowerMate Astronomik LRGB filters True Tek Color Filter Wheel with visu diag
Comments:Bad timing on Jupiter. Waited till after an early bedtime for the kids only to find Jupiter fairly low. I was happy about the weather and decided to take one last parting shot on ol' Jove before the season's end. I found it hanging above the trees and thought I had time. That was until the dec slips again. It seems that the weight of the CFW and camera kill the dec motors at around 20-30* of alt and below. I managed to get things working by pulling the offening equipment out until I got a partial align. They then cooporated after that. Focusing was hard as I've got a longer 1394 cable now. Got that as good as I could on Jupiter itself and then started an RGB coriander sequence. About 20 sec into the Red (1st channel mind you!) It slipped behind the trees. Oh well, next time! On to a recooling session with the cat cooler and the outer ice giants!
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Observer: Michael A. Phillips Mr.

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Site: Home

Timezone:UT-300 min
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Optics: C8i

Aperture:203.0 mm
Focal length:2032.0 mm
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Eyepiece: 15mm Celestron Plössl

Focal length:15.0 mm
Apparent field of view:14400.0′
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Filter: Astronomik LRGB

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CCD Camera: DMK21AF04

Vendor:The Image Source

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