Monday, July 28, 2008

Jupiter 2008-07-26 um 21:45:00-05:00

Deep Sky Logs

Object: Jupiter

Origin: ObservationManager 0.516 - SolarSystem Extension
Observer Michael A. Phillips Mr.
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Begin 2008-07-26 um 21:45:00-05:00
End 2008-07-26 um 22:55:00-05:00
Faintest star 4.3 mag
Seeing 2 (good)
Optics C8i
Eyepiece PowerMate (V=812.8)
Filter Astronomik LRGB color
Sitzung 2008-07-26 um 21:45:00-05:00

Visual impression

* easy! This post will quickly age as time passes, rendering the subject moot, but still my best of '08 and the wonderfully interesting GRS area! I kept a keen eye on the sky even though the forecast called for 40% chance of showers/t-storms and clouds! I found this jewel awaiting my new favorite hole in the nearby trees. Also a new record for me, I got this one from capture to web in ~2 hrs!


Sessions: 2008-07-26 um 21:45:00-05:00
Begin: 2008-07-26 um 21:45:00-05:00
End: 2008-07-26 um 23:00:00-05:00
Weather: S: 4/10 on Vega just over roof; Jup I'd estimate @ 8/10 or so. Very stable T: 3/5 Great night, but still some bugs due to warmer than previous night-time temps
Equipment: DMK: C8i, 2.5x Powermate, DMK21AF04, TruTek CFW with visual wide, and custom Coriander under Ubuntu 8.04
Comments: VERY poor align due to setup on front walkway with no view of Polaris for wedge align, nor time!
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